Audio Interview: Jim Giunta

Takdown Wrestling Media

Jim Giunta

In a world where we choose our attitude you would think the sport of wrestling is all but dead. Good news! The sport of wrestling continues to grow. The problem is that you're hearing very little about it. It's easier to tell the bad news or maybe we're just not trying hard enough. Maybe we're not looking for the good things that are happening. The growing presence of the wrestling at any level on college campus' is good as long as there's planned growth to support that presence.

The NCWA's founder Jim Giunta began with the belief that you could have non NCAA regulated wrestling programs on college and university campus' around the country and set out to prove it. 14 years ago he started with 1 program and today that same organization has over 175 members in states most of us had written off.

Did you know that there are 4 programs in the state of Washington with the most recent being Washington State? Notre Dame University's once grand tradition is gone, or is it? They too have a recent addition of wrestling and so does Howard University and 16 additional colleges in Pennsylvania. Westchester Community in Pennsylvania and its sister Westchester Community College in New York just added a programs.

When Texas Christian was added to the Big 12 I wondered aloud if we as a sport would propose that they add wrestling. I asked Jim Giunta the same thing at the time and he followed up. Now Texas Christian has a new program as well. The NCWA concept is pretty simple. Where there are some restraints on finances we find ways around them and make it work. Listen to this interview with Jim Giunta and you'll agree that the NCWA has a winning formula and wrestling is the beneficiary.